As part of our efforts to make DockerCon doors open to all, we are very proud to announce that we will be offering childcare during Monday through Thursday afternoon of the conference! Gone are the days of "Mom [or] Dad has to stay home with the kids..." – you can now bring the whole family to DockerCon!

Deadline to purchase Childcare is 1st October, 2017.

We have chosen Nannies of Copenhagen as our childcare provider. All caregivers and staff are certified, fully insured and experienced in child education and care with police background checks. Nannies of Copenhagen will be well equipped and excited to take good care of your little ones at a kid-friendly play room close to the DockerCon activities at Bella Center. Games, activities, breakfast and lunch will be provided.


Bella Center

€50 per child, per day

Breakfast, Lunch, certified childcare and activities

Infants to 12 years old

Activities & Facilities

  • Appropriate toys for all ages
  • Books for storytelling
  • Cozy corner with TV and movies
  • Safe and fun arts and craft corner
  • Cribs or playpens for the younger kids
  • Diaper changing area


All caregivers have gone through 2 Danish Criminal Background Checks, have valid first aid certificates, have a Danish work permit and a Danish CPR-number.


  • Forms are provided for the parents to fill out with contact information and other  important information about their children.
  • Parents receive specially made cards, to use when picking up the children at the end of the day.
  • No other person is allowed to remove the child from the daycare unless we have received other information the parents.