Docker Hallway Track

What Is It?

Docker Hallway Track is an innovative platform that helps you find like-minded people to meet one-on-one and share knowledge, in a structured way so you get tangible results from networking.

How It Works

Hint: You + New Friend(s) = Big Things
Explore the knowledge

Explore the knowledge

Discover the offers and Requests created by fellow participants

Book a Hallway Talk

Book a Hallway Talk

Once you've found a match suggest a time to meet

Share & Learn

Share & Learn

Meet in person, 1 on 1 to share your experience or learn something now!

Past Hallway Track Topics

  • Windowns Containers
  • HTTP-Aware Network Security
  • How to Land a Job At Docker
  • Docker for Java Developers
  • Securing Containers At Scale
  • Managing Production Clusters
  • Vetting Startup Ideas
  • Multi-Cloud App. Management
  • Stop Worrying. Love DevOps.
  • What's Really Inside Containers?
  • CaaS Implementation
  • Container Monitoring Workshop
  • Pipline Automation of Apps.
  • Measuring Community Impact
  • Scaling Infrastructure

Our Community

“It’s a place where minds can get together and magical things can happen.”

-Bret, Austin Attendee