Hands-on Labs

DockerCon 2017 will feature a comprehensive set of hands-on labs. This year we’re offering a broader range of topics that cover the interests of both developers and IT operations personnel on both Windows and Linux.

Date and Time:

Location: Bella Center, Copenhagen

Requirements: All attendees will need to provide their own laptop for the hands-on labs.

Docker 101 - Windows and Linux

New to Docker? Don’t know your registry from your repository? Your Docker push from your Docker pull? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this lab you can choose to learn the basics of Docker on either Linux or Windows (here’s a tip: They’re pretty much exactly the same). We’ll start with building a Docker image, then pushing and pulling to Docker Hub, finally we’ll deploy the application. This lab is great for anyone who’s brand new to Docker, and wants an easy onramp to getting started

Deploying Hybrid-OS Applications with Docker EE

Did you know that Docker EE supports hybrid clusters of both Linux and Windows machines? This allows administrators a great deal of flexibility when it comes to how they deploy and manage multi-os environments. In this lab you will deploy Linux and Windows workloads as well as a hybrid-OS application. When all's said and done you’ll have learned about how to start planning for managing heterogeneous applications in your Docker environment.

Managing Application Lifecycle with Docker EE

The real work of application management often starts after you’ve done your initial deployment. What happens with a server or application component fails? How do you scale your application up or down to meet changing needs? And, of course, applications need to be upgraded. In this lab we’ll look how Docker EE handles these tasks for containerized workloads. By the end of the lab you’ll have a much better understanding of how to manage your applications day to day with Docker EE.

Modernize .Net Apps for IT Pros

Docker is the platform for moving existing .NET apps to the cloud or onto modern infrastructure, without having to change code. This lab shows IT Pros how to do it - starting with a .NET 3.5 app running on a Windows Server 2003 VM. You'll learn how to use the Image2Docker tool to extract the app from the VM into a Docker image, how to run the app in a container, and how to update configuration to make use of the Docker platform. By the end of the lab you'll have moved an old app into a new platform, with a consistent approach to deployment, management and administration

Modernize .Net Apps for Devs

Docker is a great platform for modernizing the architecture of existing .NET Framework apps, without doing a full rewrite. This lab shows C# developers how to approach it. You'll learn how to package .NET apps to run in Docker, how to build a simple CI/CD pipeline, and how to split monolithic apps into smaller parts which run in their own containers. By the end of the lab you'll have broken an old app into multiple components running in Docker containers on Windows - you manage and monitor them all in the same way, but they can be independently scaled and updated.

Understanding Docker EE’s New Role-based Access Control

In this lab we will be exploring how Role-based Access Controls allow enterprise users to easily lock down access based on rules you define. We will build out a team of users, and work through various scenarios where we would want to lock down access, and finally we will implement and test our design.

Docker Trusted Registry Deep Dive

In this lab we will be exploring Docker Trusted Registry, which is an on-premises Docker Registry that has many advanced features for enterprise workloads, like, image scanning, immutable repos, and image promotion. The focus of this lab is to get our hands dirty and explore these advanced features.