DockerCon has grown from 500 to 5,000 attendees, but no matter the size, we know that connection is what makes DockerCon different than any other conference you attend. As conference organizers, we want to make sure you have a great time and are able to take advantage of all of the amazing learning, contributing and community that DockerCon has to offer. It can be downright intimidating to attend a conference by yourself, much less figure out how to make the most of your experience! Docker Pals aims to solve this by making sure you have a built-in network before you arrive in Copenhagen.

By signing up for Pals, you will be connected with another attendee and a DockerCon veteran as your guide. Your pals can help you figure out what talks to attend, be someone to go to the after-conference events with, or simply be new connections. You will meet your pals prior to the Monday Welcome Reception and then the rest of the week is up to you!

All of the energy, community, and fun of DockerCon in a beautiful city like Copenhagen, with a few familiar faces as soon as you get there. Sounds amazing, right? Sign up here to become a Docker Pal.